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Mud Brick
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Brick & Block Types

Ligna Group manufactures several different types/style of bricks and blocks. All are made from the same raw material. Most bricks and blocks are available in veneer, double brick (cavity brick or full brick wall) or single skin (single leaf) type construction.

These types/styles include:

Cobblestone Series: The Cobblestone series is our most popular style featuring a smooth curved face with a river stone/cobble stone appearance. These bricks and blocks can vary slightly in size; this variation is intentional and the mortar joints accommodate this variation by ranging 10mm to 20mm thick, but typically 15mm.

Sandstone Series features a smooth flat face like a diamond cut sandstone. This series comes in a range of sizes including a standard brick size. The mortar is 12mm thick, more formal in their thickness.

Super Insulating Series is the most recent innovation from Ligna Group. This Large block comes in single skin only, with an exceptionally high insulation. Total R value, as a result of the 110mm thick styrene centre and Ligna Stone outer layers, approximately R3.5. The mortar is 12mm thick.

The Super Insulating Series has the same finish as the Sandstone Series. This block comes with cavities for all types of services as well as cavities for structural reinforcement. It is also available in narrow veneer or internal brick counterpart.

For Information regarding specific sizes and specifications, please refer to the chart below.

The key to successfully building Timbercrete walls is to work to incremental benchmarks.

That is, both the horizontal and vertical courses need to be laid out in increments of "one block plus one mortar joint", as per the chart on the following page.

By strict observance of these increments, the finished wall aesthetics will be maximized, waste eliminated and cost minimised.

Mud Brick Series

Modelled on a traditional mud brick, the Ligna Stone mud brick series provides a more rustic version of the cobblestone finish. Lighter, robust and with superior insulation, it is a strong alternative to earth mud bricks. Mortar joints will vary from 10mm to 25mm depending upon the customers’ preferred module heights.

ProductStyle / TextureTypeSuitable ForTypical Module Size (mm) L x H x WMortar Joint (mm)Typical Actual Unit SizeApprox Weight (Kg)Qty Per m2 / Lineal m
 L H W
Standard Brick Sandstone Straight Veneer / Double 240x86x110 10 230 76 110 2.12 50
360 Series Sandstone Straight Veneer / Double 360x175x100 12 348 163 100 6.24 15.82
400 Series Sandstone Straight Veneer / Double 400x175x100 12 388 163 1006.96 14.3
 Cobblestone Straight Veneer / Double 400x175x100 15 385 160 1057.11 14.3
 Sandstone StraightSingle Skin / Retaining400x175x19012 388 163 190 13.22 14.3
 Cobblestone StraightSingle Skin / Retaining400x175x190 15 385 160 195 13.50 14.3
 Pier Block Sandstone U Shape Veneer / Double 400x175x100 12 400 163 190 10.20
600 Series Sandstone StraightSingle Skin 600x175x100 12 588 163 10010.549.5
 Super Insulator* Sandstone StraightSingle Skin 600x175x290 12 588 163 290 20.34 9.5
Mud Brick 250 Cobblestone Straight Veneer / Double 402x142x250/260 17 382 125 250/260 14.23 17.5
Mud Brick 90 Double Brick Cobblestone StraightN/a 397x142x90/100 17 382 125 90/100 5.01 18.0
Veneer Smooth Sill Block Smooth Bevelled Edge N/a N/a 600x90/50x150 N/a 600 90/50 150 9.32 1.7
Single Skin Smooth Sill Block  Smooth Bevelled Edge N/a N/a 600x90/50x225 N/a 600 90/50 225 15.81 1.7
Single Skin Smooth Sill Block  Smooth Bevelled Edge External N/a 600x90/50x163 N/a 600 90/50 163 10.80 1.7
Super Insulator Smooth Sill Block  Smooth Internal N/a 600x90x163 N/a 600 90 16312.88 1.7
MUD Brick Sill 250 Block Textured Large Bevelled Edge N/a N/a 200x125/90x290 N/a 200 125/90 290 9.965.0
MUD Brick Sill 90 Block Textured Large Bevelled Edge N/a N/a 200x125/90x150 N/a 200 125/90 150 3.73 5.0
Single Skin Sill Block Textured Large Bevelled Edge N/a N/a 200x170/70x250 N/a 200 170/70 250 9.02 5.0
Single Skin Sill Block Textured Large Bevelled Edge N/a N/a 200x110x240 N/a 200 110 240 6.60 5.0
Pavers Very Smooth Square N/a 400x400x50 N/a 400 400 50 11.84 6.25
 Very Smooth Square N/a 500x500x50 N/a 500 500 508.50 4
 Very Smooth Square N/a 600x600x50 N/a 600 600 50 26.64 2.78