Comparing Ligna Stone with Adbri Masonry

What makes Ligna Stone building materials a compelling alternative to Adbri Masonry concrete blocks?

Ligna Stone bricks and blocks provide genuine sustainability, high performance and a distinctive finish. The unique features of Ligna Stone offer many benefits over the conventional concrete bricks and blocks of Adbri Masonry and other concrete block manufacturers. The higher performance of Ligna Stone over Adbri Masonry can be attributed to its unique composition of timber waste and traditional handcrafted block making methods.

Read on to discover the many advantages of this unique product over Adbri Masonry building materials and other concrete block products:

Ligna Stone bricks and blocks offer genuine environmental benefits over Adbri Masonry concrete blocks. Each brick and block operates as a carbon sink and locks up carbon gases for the life of the product.

Ligna Stone has a much lower amount of embodied energy since it is handcrafted and cure’s naturally, thereby requiring less energy to be produced. The natural methods used in its manufacture are environmentally friendly and do not involve the release of any toxic by-product.

Ligna Stone has superior thermal insulation compared with Adbri Masonry’s concrete blocks, which reduces the need for heating and cooling resulting in lower energy costs.

The timber content materially reduces the weight of the blocks by approximately 40%. Ligna Stone is highly fire resistant compared to other concrete products.

Highly robust, Ligna Stone bricks and blocks are less likely to break or shatter when dropped or impacted. They are also bullet resistant and designed to last like clay bricks or concrete blocks.

As compared to Adbri Masonry products, Ligna Stone offers improved workability arising from its ability to be screwed, nailed or sawed like timber.

In comparison to Adbri Masonry, Ligna Stone offers greater versatility with a wider range of colours and sizes. With its handcrafted manufacturing process, Ligna Stone can also be produced in custom shapes, colours and sizes to produce bespoke designs that are unique to your project.

Ligna Stone has an attractive and distinctive finish that can make your home stand out. Whilst typically sealed, it requires no painting or rendering to achieve its final finish.

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