About Us

Ligna Group are the manufacturers and distributors of Timbercrete
and Ligna Stone sustainable building materials.

Ligna Stone (meaning “wooden” stone in Latin) is handcrafted using traditional block making methods, to create beautiful and timeless
masonry and concrete products.

What makes Ligna Stone truly unique is that it is made using a high percentage of timber waste. Utilising the next evolution of the award
winning Timbercrete matrix, the patented formula comprises a blend of timber waste, sand, cement and binders that produce a distinctive
product with many benefits over traditional clay or concrete bricks and blocks.


Low embodied energy

Manufactured using less energy as Ligna Stone is handcrafted and naturally cured.

Superior thermal insulation

Over double clay or concrete equivalents.

Utilises a high level of post-industrial waste

Comprises 50%-70% timber waste depending upon the product and application.

Operates as a carbon sink

The timber waste permanently locks up carbon dioxide for the life of the product.

Reduces energy costs

Higher thermal insulation reduces the need for heating and cooling.



Around half the weight of clay or concrete

Highly fire resistant

Blocks at 190mm wide have an FRL of 240/240/240, exceeding the highest possible fire
standards. 2015 winner of the Bushfire Building Council of Australia’s Building Product
Innovation Award.

Load bearing

Suitable for double brick, single leaf and retaining wall construction.

Robust and highly durable

Long lasting with less breakages and better able to absorb impacts. Impervious to
termites and rot.

Bullet resistant

Typically absorbs bullets rather than shatter.

Single Leaf Wall Construction
Single Brick Wall Construction