Ligna Stone is a popular building material made using the award winning Timbercrete matrix, that has become a preferred option for many new home builders. Ligna Stone is preferred because it weighs up to half the weight of traditional clay fired bricks or cement bricks. In addition, Ligna Stone bricks and blocks can be screwed and nailed together just like ordinary timber. Read more

Bushfires can ignite and spread quickly, making evacuation impossible. As a result, buildings need to be able to survive the full force of a bushfire and provide refuge to the occupants. In Australia we are highly prone to bushfires and hence need building materials with better fire resistant capacities. Read more

Timbercrete manufactures several different types/style of bricks and blocks. All are made from the same raw material. Most bricks and blocks are available in veneer, double brick (cavity brick wall) or single skin (single leaf) type construction.Read more

With its durability and versatility, cobblestone blocks make the perfect building material to create a distinctive look. Having a smooth curved appearance, cobblestone blocks require very little maintenance and provide a more rustic finish.Read more