Bricks and Blocks

Ligna Stone is available in either sandstone or cobblestone finishes. Sandstone bricks and blocks
provide a more contemporary expression, combining a textured finish with greater dimensional accuracy.

The cobblestone effect produces a rustic and more irregular finish that may range from subtle to a
pronounced bellying on all sides, with notable variations in height and length.

Standard module sizes including mortar joints range from a standard brick size to 600mm long and
varying thicknesses up to 290mm wide.

Veneer and Double Brick Wall Construction

Veneer and Double Brick Construction

Ligna Stone has 100mm wide blocks and 110mm wide standard size bricks that are suitable for conventional brick veneer and double brick wall construction.

In addition to standard size bricks, the typical module sizes include 360, 400 and 600 long and 175mm high incorporating mortar joint. Specialty blocks include half blocks, sill blocks and corner blocks with a half return.

Single Skin

The single skin blocks provide a load bearing solution, negating the need for a timber or steel frame. With a module size of 400mm long, 175mm high and 190mm wide, these blocks exceed the highest fire resistance standards.

Specialty blocks include half blocks, sill blocks and various services blocks. This block is also suitable for retaining wall construction, combining with vertical services blocks to allow vertical cavities for steel bar reinforcement if required.

Single Skin Blocks
Super Insulator

Super Insulator

The Super Insulator is a high performance large block with superior thermal insulation for single skin load bearing applications.

The block incorporates a 110mm wide panel of expanded polystyrene sandwiched between the Ligna Stone matrix, producing high fire resistance and a high Total System R Value of approximately R3.5. The module size is 600mm long, 175mm high and 290mm wide, with various specialty blocks including halves, piers, sills and corner blocks. The Super Insulator is only available in the sandstone finish.

Mud Brick

Mud bricks made from Ligna Stone provide a lighter block with a higher level of thermal insulation over traditional mudbricks.

These blocks are suitable as a load bearing single skin wall system or as part of a post and beam construction. The module size is approximately 397mm long, 142mm high and 250/260mm wide, allowing for a 17mm mortar joint.

Mud Bricks