Comparing Ligna Stone with Austral Bricks

What makes Ligna stone building materials a more advantageous alternative to Austral bricks?

Ligna Stone bricks and blocks are handcrafted to achieve genuine sustainability, high performance and a distinctive finish. The unique features of Ligna Stone offer many benefits over the conventional building materials of Austral Bricks and other concrete block manufacturers. The superior thermal efficiency of Ligna Stone over Austral Bricks can be attributed to its patented use of timber waste and traditional block making methods.

Listed below are the features that make Ligna Stone have an edge over Austral Bricks and other concrete block products:

Ligna Stone bricks and blocks are a versatile green building material with genuine environmental benefits. Each brick and block functions as a carbon sink and permanently traps carbon dioxide within its matrix.

Compared to Austral Bricks, It has a significantly lower embodied energy. It is handcrafted and does not use artificial drying processes. The amount of energy required in the manufacturing process is much lower and the natural methods do not involve the release of any toxic by-product.

The superior thermal insulation capacity of Ligna Stone outperforms Austral Bricks and makes your more home energy-efficient.

Compared to Austral Bricks, the high timber content significantly reduces the weight of the blocks by approximately 40% and also makes Ligna Stone highly fire resistant.

Ligna Stone bricks and blocks are easy to work with and can be easily screwed, nailed or sawed like timber.

Ligna Stone bricks and blocks are highly robust and less likely to break or shatter when dropped or impacted. They are also bullet resistant, absorbing projectiles rather than shattering or exploding.

In comparison to Austral Bricks, Ligna Stone offers wide options in terms of colour, shape and size. The handcrafting techniques make it possible to create custom styles that can provide a unique look to your residential project.

Ligna Stone provides a distinctive finish that can make your home stand out. Whilst typically sealed, it requires no painting or rendering to achieve its final finish.

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