Comparing Ligna Stone with Hebel and Hebel Blocks

What attributes make Ligna stone building materials perform better than Hebel Blocks?

Ligna Stone bricks and blocks make the perfect environment-friendly building material that offers genuine sustainability, high performance and a distinctive textured finish. Ligna Stone is created using a high percentage of timber waste and traditional block making methods to produce bricks and blocks with distinctive features. The superior performance of Ligna Stone over Hebel Blocks can be ascribed to its unique composition and manufacturing method.

Read on to discover the features that make Ligna Stone a great alternative to Hebel Blocks and other AAC concrete block products:

Ligna Stone bricks and blocks comprise of a unique blend of timber waste and offer immense environmental benefits. It has the capacity to sequester carbon dioxide for the life of the product.

The natural methods employed in the manufacture of Ligna Stone involve handcrafting techniques and curing processes that do not release any toxic by-product. Compared to Hebel Blocks, the amount of embodied energy is much lower.

Ligna Stone is a highly fire resistant and lightweight material due to its high timber content.

Ligna Stone bricks and blocks have high workability and can be easily screwed, nailed or sawed like timber. By comparison, auto claved products like Hebel Blocks can be very brittle resulting in the potential for higher breakages when laying or damaged when impacted.

Ligna Stone bricks and blocks are load bearing, fire-resistant, bullet resistant and highly resilient.

Ligna Stone and bricks offer highly versatile design options. Custom shapes, sizes and colours can be handcrafted to create beautiful structures with a unique finish.

Ligna Stone provides a distinctive finish that can make your home stand out from the crowd. Whilst typically sealed, it requires no painting or rendering to achieve its final finish. Hebel Blocks require painting or rendering for the end finish.

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