Comparing Ligna Stone with PGH Bricks

What are the attributes that make Ligna Stone building materials a compelling alternative to PGH Bricks?

Ligna Stone bricks and blocks offer superior environmentally friendly building materials characterized by genuine sustainability, high performance and a distinctive finish. Handcrafted using a high percentage of timber waste, Ligna Stone encompasses features that make it advantageous over PGH Bricks and other clay brick products. The high-performance of Ligna Stone over PGH Bricks can be attributed to its traditional block making process and timber composition.

Read on to discover the features that make Ligna Stone have an edge over PGH Bricks and other concrete block products:

Ligna Stone bricks and blocks are a versatile green building material with true environmental benefits. Each brick and block functions as a carbon sink and permanently sequesters carbon gases thereby reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the life of the product.

Ligna Stone uses a much lower amount of embodied energy compared to PGH Bricks and other clay brick or concrete block manufacturers. The process involved in its manufacture makes use of traditional handcrafting techniques and air drying processes. This substantially reduces the amount of energy required for its production.

The superior thermal insulation properties of Ligna Stone surpass that of PGH Bricks and other conventional clay brick or concrete block options. Ligna Stone creates the ideal building envelope for an energy efficient home.

Compared to PGH Bricks, Ligna Stone blocks are approximately 40% lighter in weight due to the high timber content and are highly fire resistant.

When compared to PGH Bricks, Ligna Stone bricks and blocks offer improved workability as they can be easily screwed, nailed or sawed like timber.

Ligna Stone bricks and blocks are bullet resistant and highly durable. They are less likely to break or shatter when dropped or impacted.

Ligna Stone building materials offer significant versatility. Custom shapes, sizes and colours can be created affordably to produce beautiful structures using bricks and blocks unique to that building project.

Ligna Stone provides a unique textured finish that can make your home visually pleasing. Whilst typically sealed, it requires no painting or rendering to achieve its final finish.

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